As time marches on, it becomes clearer the world we are leaving behind. Especially from an ecological viewpoint, the situation seems dire. The news about plastics pollution in our environment is undeniable and inescapable. In the two 5Ks we organize a year, we need to be a better steward of the footprint we are making here. We will strive to eliminate plastics waste and also trash waste. With that said, we ask for your support and cooperation as we move to GO GREEN. For the 2018 Wattle we will no longer purchase and provide 2000 Plastic Disposable Water Bottles at the Finish Line for all Finishers. Instead we will use compostable cups which we will fill with water for participants usage at the Finish Line. We will ask participants to dispose of these cups and food scraps in a compostable container located in the Finish Line Refreshment Area. Thank you Primrose School at Pinnacle for supporting us with our water needs. We will also use compostable cups for our water needs at the water station out on the course.


There will also be an incentive for participants willing to bring their own re-usable cup(s) from home on Event Day. We can/will fill these reusable cups or bottles brought from home by our entrants.

Everyone in the 5K or the Rotisserie Roll will receive a blank Raffle Ticket in their Goodie Bag. On Event Morning, we will have a Green Team in place at the Finish Line Area in the Primrose School Parking Lot, working a Green Team Water Table. Prior to the 5K Start, motivated Rotisserie Rollers and Wattlers will bring their filled-out raffle tickets to hand in to the Green Team. They will need to show their re-usable bottles when handing in their raffle ticket. They can leave their bottle at the Finish Line Area Green Team Water Station for post-race use or they can just show it to the Green Team if they intend to carry it with them during the event. We will have extra raffle tickets for those who forget and still want to be part of this.  We will have blue paint tape to put their name on and affix to their container if they leave it with us. While 5K Participants and Cyclists are out on the course, the Green Team will fill both re- usable and compostable cups, and also have a raffle. We will raffle off some significant prizes from local merchants. e.g.

(1) night stay over at LaQuinta Inn;
(5) Noxgear Tracer 360’s,
(1) Brand New 21 speed mountain bike,
(1) Hello Fresh VIP Product,
(4) Yeti-like Keep Grove City Clean Water thermoses,
(6) AMC Movie Passes,
(1) Cool Canvas Satchel from Hopyard62,
(4) Gift Cards for 3 Brothers Diner,
(1) Heritage Cycle Gift package including a t-shirt, safety lights and a water bottle, and more local merchant gift certificates are forthcoming. We will post the winner listing at the Green Team Prize Table in the Finish Area as runners/walkers finish.

The end game here is to promote going green and have fun. We will have our food waste (bananas, bagels and donuts) be combined with our compostable cups. We will pay to have a compost hauler take this away and compost it at a commercial compost site.